Louhisaari Manor

restoration and building history survey

Client: Senate Properties


Completed in the 1650s, the Louhisaari manor house and two auxiliary buildings form, in the context of Finland, an exceptional built cultural environment. Stylistically, the buildings represent Dutch classicism, which was adopted in Swedish construction practices at the end of the 1640s. In fact, during the construction of the buildings, the Louhisaari manor was part of Stockholm’s sphere of influence.

Livady acts as the official architect of the Louhisaari manor and is responsible for the planning and supervision of all the repair work, from conservation to HVAC. At the moment, the most significant design task is the restoration plan for the 17th century roof structures.

Additionally, and in support of the restoration planning, Livady is currently carrying out a building-historical survey of the Louhisaari manor. The focus of the study is on the main building and its alterations over time.