Lightship Kemi

restoration and history survey

Client: Finnish Heritage Agency




During the years 1900–1901, a steel lightship named Kemi was built at a workshop in Pori, having been commissioned by the board of the Department of Maritime Pilots and Lighthouses. Kemi served as a lightship until 1974, being Finland’s last and longest-serving lightship. It is also the only one of the eighteen Finland’s lightships that has been converted into a museum vessel. A valuable feature in Kemi is its original steam engine. Kemi is part of the Finnish National Maritime Collection as a nationally significant museum vessel.


Livady is responsible for the repair and restoration planning of S/S Kemi and will be the main designer of the project. To support the restoration planning and to determine the stages, a light survey was carried out on Lightship Kemi.


S/S Kemi will be kept open to the public as a floating museum vessel and will be reopened to the public at the Vellamo Sea Center pier in 2022.