Based in Helsinki, Livady Architects is a versatile architectural practice. While we work across all scales, from details to buildings and urban plans, our special interest and expertise lies in restauration, adaptation and transformation of wooden buildings of historic value and in new wooden construction that learns from best historic practices.

We are committed to healthy, ecological and sustainable building solutions. We master both historic and contemporary building technologies, using natural materials for resource-efficiency and longevity. High aesthetic and technical quality is always our aim.

Alongside design tasks, we do advanced research on building and restauration techniques as well as on urban planning, built environment and public space. We produce statements on building history and cultural environments, needed in the legal processes of planning and building permission.

We actively partake in societal debate on the values of built environment and sustainable technologies. We publish books and articles, engage in teaching in the Finnish Schools of Architecture and in processes to renew the legal base and regulations of the building sector in Finland.

In 2016, Livady Architects was awarded the prestigious State Prize for Architecture.

Arkkitehtitoimisto Livady

Hämeentie 4 C 11
00530 Helsinki, Finland
tel: +358 9 348 70501

EU VAT number: FI09684330